Congratulations to 2023 Suffolk County Asian American and Pacific Islander Celebration Month Winners!

Distinguished Asian American Awards Announcement 

Asian American who have contributed significantly to the Asian American community
Amanda Chansingh
Dr. Jerry Chen
Dr. Me Sook Hyun

Highly accomplished Asian American professional
Dr. Michiko Minty

Dr. Shyam Sharma

On behalf of the Award Reviewing Sub-committee of the 2023 SUFFOLK COUNTY ASIAN AMERICAN AND PACIFIC ISLANDER HERITAGE MONTH CELEBRATION COMMITTEE (organized by Suffolk County Asian American Advisory Board,, I am writing to invite you to submit nominations for individuals and organizations that have helped/benefited the Asian American communities. Self-nomination is accepted. 

There are three award categories:

  1. Asian American who have contributed significantly to the Asian American community.
  2. An organization that has contributed significantly to the Asian American community.
  3. Highly accomplished Asian American professional. 

 For more information, contact Jim Young or visit

Please send your application to Jim Young, or


Jim Young, Chairman, Awards Committee
Suffolk County Asian American Advisory Board
c/o Suffolk County Office of Minority Affairs
H. Lee Dennison Building – 3rd Floor
100 Veterans Highway
Hauppauge, New York 11788-0099


Be sure to include:

  • Documentation that outlines the specific contributions of your nominees. 
  • A biography of your nominee(s) in narrative format, colored photo and the contact information.
  • The award category your nominee is applying (see above for criteria’s)

The deadline of the submission is April 10, 2023.  Decision will be announced on April 20, 2023.  All winners will receive their awards at our 2023 Annual Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebration to be held on 5/20/2023.